"Livvy has developed a strong record of achievement and has been an important voice for conservation of our treasured resources."
- Chris Franco, The Greenwich Point Conservancy

Richard Limbacher Richard Limbacher, past President and current Vice President of the Retired Mens Association of Greenwich... In Prague.


Greenwich First Selectman Supports Livvy Floren

"The Town of Greenwich is blessed to have Livvy Floren serving as State Representative from the 149th District of Greenwich and Stamford. Livvy exemplifies honesty, integrity and civility. These are qualities we value and should honor in our political process.

As our Town's State Representative and Dean of the Greenwich and Stamford legislative delegations, Livvy is adept at obtaining State resources for services most vital for any community. Life safety, public health, emergency preparedness and support for our aging population are all services supported by Representative Floren's effective representation.

Livvy obtained (STEAP) Small Town Economic Assistance Program Funding for installation of dry hydrants and cisterns for areas of back-country Greenwich that lack an adequate water supply for fire suppression. She obtained the same program funding to update Greenwich's health laboratory that residents depend on for water testing and tick and mosquito testing to aid in combating Lyme disease and West Nile virus. Livvy supported our Town's application for an emergency generator for the Bendheim Western Greenwich Civic Center in Glenville, so it can be fully utilized as an emergency storm shelter. Livvy also obtained another STEAP grant for the Nathaniel Witherell Skilled Nursing Facility to support the renovation of its rehabilitation facility.

In addition to identifying and obtaining state resources to address critical needs for our community, Livvy is always present before community organizations to listen to concerns, obtain knowledge on emerging issues and provide valuable information to our residents.

Commitment, responsiveness and a genuine heart for Greenwich make Livvy Floren the only choice in the 149th District this November. Greenwich and Stamford are fortunate to be represented by Livvy Floren and we should all be thankful she desires to continue to serve us. Join me in supporting her on November 4th."

- Peter J. Tesei, First Selectman

Backcountry homeowner association leader backs Livvy Floren's public safety efforts

"When Town leaders decided to invest in a 10-year program to improve and enhance fire protection in the underserved Greenwich backcountry, (where no fire hydrants nor municipal water line exists), Livvy quickly seized upon the opportunity to help secure and direct state and federal small-cities block grant funding for this first-time ever pilot project to install 30,000-gallon underground emergency water cistern tanks and additional dry hydrants. Thanks to Livvy, GFD career and volunteer firefighters can now refill their fire engine storage tanks and continue fighting serious structure fires without losing precious minutes hunting for a nearby water source. The first of those 30M gallon underground tanks now resides on my property for the communities' benefit due in part to Livvy's funding efforts. Livvy simply gets it, and fully understands her powerfully-influential role. Ms. Floren also knows that public safety and life safety are every municipality's first priority.

You can count on Livvy to follow up in her own highly-effective action leadership style in getting her constituents the answers and necessary resources they must have. The Greenwich and Stamford communities cannot afford to be without Livvy working on our respective behalves in Hartford. I wholeheartedly endorse State Representative Livvy Floren for reelection."

- Allen Williams, President, Northwest Greenwich Association

More Endorsements for Livvy Floren

"Ask any Republican, Democrat, Independent, or Unaffiliated voter and their endorsement of Livvy would be unanimous. Livvy addresses the issues fairly and serves all her constituents expediently. Mark the ballot for Floren on election day, November 6, and return her to the job she loves. Vote Floren - she is simply The Best."
- Hon. Janet K. Lockton, Former State Representative for the 149th District

"As a veteran of the Connecticut House of Representatives, I watched a number of folks join the chamber over my years in Hartford. Every term, the 'freshmen' sorted themselves out in most cases by the end of the first session into groups: No. 1 good potential/hard working; No. 2 possibilities/wait & see; and No. 3 unfocused/tardy/unreliable. As a member of the House leadership, it behooved me and the other leaders to support and encourage groups Nos. 1 and 2, while keeping a sharp eye on No. 3 to head off any problems.

It was always a singular pleasure to find a gem of a legislator emerging from group No. 1. Maybe that's the old teacher in me, plus the appreciation of the time and hard work that goes into becoming an exemplary legislator.

Greenwich is blessed with just such a House member in state Rep. Livvy Floren (Distict 149). And you don’t even have to take my word for it, simply ask any experienced legislator from either side of the aisle whom they would pick to work with on a bill, committee, working group, or special project. I guarantee they will name Livvy every single time!

So as this “interesting” political season draws to a merciful close, please be sure to go to your polling station on Election Day and vote for state Rep. Livvy Floren to represent all of us in Hartford for two more years."

- Honorable Claudia "Dolly" Powers, Riverside

"For the past eighteen years State Representative Livvy Floren has cast votes in Hartford in favor of fiscal prudence. One budget issue Livvy has supported is putting a “lockbox” on the State Transportation Fund, so that it cannot be raided for other purposes - or squandered on items, like bus systems from cities to no where when there are urgent priorities for repair of our highways and railroad beds. Unfortunately this summer Governor Malloy overrode the legislature on both sides of the aisle by mandating a $10 million Toll Study. Livvy and other legislators tried to convene a special session to combat this, but the Governor proceeded to use DOT funds bonded for other projects to fund this study. Clearly Hartford has to get a handle on the 2019/20 budget. Please vote for Livvy Floren in 149th District on November 6th as well as State Senator Scott Frantz, State Representative Mike Bocchino in the 150th, and State Representative Fred Camillo in the 151st - so that together these hard-working state officials can continue to advocate for a lockbox on state transportation funds and for a more sensible state budget. "
- Nancy B. Burke, Budget Overview Committee, Greenwich RTM

"Thank you Livvy Floren for all you have done for the people of Connecticut.

As ranking member on the General Bonding Subcommittee, Livvy has demonstrated her commitment to fiscal responsibility. The bipartisan budget that passed in October included a $1.9 billion bonding cap that was proposed by the Bonding Subcommittee. This had never been done before. The budget also included a constitutional spending cap, and a volatility cap. These measures will go a long way in putting Connecticut’s fiscal house in order.

Throughout Livvy’s legislative career, she has consistently fought against tax increases. After years of mismanagement of the Special Transportation Fund, the Connecticut Democrats wanted to reinstate tolls on our resident commuters to fund the shortfall created by mismanagement. Livvy, along with the strong Republican opposition blocked the proposal, effectively killing the bill.

Livvy demonstrates honesty, integrity, and the ability to work across party lines which is a welcome quality in Hartford. Livvy is seeking her 10th term this November as State Representative for district 149 representing Greenwich and Stamford. We are fortunate to have Livvy Floren as our Representative. "

- Elisa Esses, 31 Heather Drive, Stamford

"There should be more representatives like Livvy Floren in Hartford!

She’s not afraid to vote for what is in the best interest of all of her constituents.

Representative Floren is honest, pragmatic, and has insight into our community's challenges and needs.
Representative Floren takes the time and has the willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to our questions and concerns and provides thoughtful explanations.
Representative Floren communicates with her constituents! She asks for input, reports back on votes and relays the challenges.
Representative Floren is well respected by her colleagues; works across the political aisle and votes issues not party.

For all these reasons, and more, with proud enthusiasm, I am writing to express my support for Livvy Floren in her efforts to be re-elected as State Representative for the 149th House District. "

- Jeanine Behr Getz, Greenwich, CT

"As a dedicated Greenwich Resident, and President of the Glenville Volunteer Fire Company, I would like to proudly extend my sincere endorsement of State Representative Livvy R. Floren, for her re-election to a ninth term, for the 149th District of Greenwich and Stamford.

I have been most fortunate to have known Livvy for many years, and to have witnessed the outstanding, and endless service and benefits she has been able to positively bring to benefit all of her Greenwich and Stamford constituents.

Through her tireless energy, dynamic leadership, and total commitment, we will all benefit from her continued presence as our State Representative."

- Sandy Kornberg

"Livvy Floren has served the people of the 149th House District with distinction and residents of Greenwich and Stamford are lucky to have her as their representative in Hartford. As Leader of the House Republican caucus, I have come to rely on her wisdom, thoughtfulness and vast experience to help guide my decisions.

Livvy is well known among her peers to cast politics aside and act in the best interests of her district and the state of Connecticut. Her willingness to listen and absorb the details of some very complex issues before casting her vote is admired on both sides of the aisle in the House chamber."

- House Republican Leader State Rep. Themis Klarides, Derby

"Connecticut State Representative Livvy R. Floren has won numerous leadership and community service awards during the past eighteen years for her tireless dedication and commitment to seeking support for effective solutions to our crucial, ever-changing community needs. Simultaneously, Livvy has garnered accolades for her integrity, honesty and consensus building from both sides of the aisle in the State Capital in Hartford. I had the pleasure of working with Livvy for the first time during the Town of Greenwich’s year-long 375th anniversary celebration in 2015 and witnessed first-hand her winning qualities. Our paths have often crossed since then, and her Greenwich preservation and education initiatives have truly benefitted our Town, to name a few, at Innis Arden Cottage at Greenwich Point Park in Old Greenwich, at Nathaniel Witherell on Parsonage Road in Central Greenwich, and at the Greenwich Historical Society on Strickland Road in Cos Cob. Livvy is a critical supporter of their compelling historic missions.

Please support Livvy R. Floren on November 6th as our Connecticut State Representative."

- Davidde E. Strackbein, Greenwich, CT Chair, Greenwich 375th Anniversary

"When Town leaders decided to invest in a 10-year program to improve and enhance fire protection in the underserved Greenwich backcountry, (where no fire hydrants nor municipal water line exists), Livvy quickly seized upon the opportunity to help secure and direct state and federal small-cities block grant funding for this first-time ever pilot project to install 30,000-gallon underground emergency water cistern tanks and additional dry hydrants. Thanks to Livvy, GFD career and volunteer firefighters can now refill their fire engine storage tanks and continue fighting serious structure fires without losing precious minutes hunting for a nearby water source. The first of those 30M gallon underground tanks now resides on my property for the communities' benefit due in part to Livvy's funding efforts. Livvy simply "gets it" and fully understands her powerfully-influential role. Ms. Floren also knows that public safety and life safety are every municipality's first priority."

"You can count on Livvy to follow up in her own highly-effective action leadership style in getting her constituents the answers and necessary resources they must have. The Greenwich and Stamford communities cannot afford to be without Livvy working on our respective behalves in Hartford. I wholeheartedly endorse State Representative Livvy Floren for reelection." Go to www.LivvyFloren.com to see more of her accomplishments."

- Allen Williams, President, Northwest Greenwich Association

"I offer my support to Livvy Floren as she seeks her eighth term to the Connecticut State Legislature. For the past fourteen years, Livvy has done a remarkable job of representing her constituents in the 149th District. She works hard and is always responsive to the people she represents. Livvy is knowledgeable, responsible and understands the needs of the people she serves.

In her tenure in Hartford, Livvy has served on the Committee on Aging, Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee and the Government Administration and Election Committee. She has achieved significant results that have positively impacted the lives of the Stamford citizens whom she represents. Through her work on the State Bond Commission Representative Floren has secured multiple projects of great importance for Stamford and Greenwich.

Representative Floren is an experienced voice in Hartford who understands the complexities of government. I have worked with her for more than fourteen years and I fully support Representative Livvy Floren's run for re-election and look forward to working with her as she serves her eighth term in Hartford."

- Gail Okun, Stamford Board of Representatives, 19th District

"I write to support enthusiastically the candidacy of Livvy FLoren for re-election as State Representative. We, her constituents, are most fortunate that she has agreed to serve another term, a real sacrifice by a dedicated public servant who derives no personal benefit from representing us. Livvy leads State support for worthy non-profit organizations and the environment, and watches carefully over State expenditures and bonding."
- Peter L. Malkin

"Everyone who resides within the 149th District are extremely fortunate to have Livvy Floren representing us in Hartford. Livvy has her finger on the pulse of the 149th from transportation and environmental needs to educational issues and on to business and taxation problems. Ask Livvy what is happening or not happening and she will explain to you the facts and status while honestly telling you what she is thinking and feeling. Livvy is one of the hardest working representatives at the Capitol. Livvy Floren cares deeply about Connecticut and its citizens so she works diligently and conscientiously to create good government in Hartford. I have been both honored and fortunate to have led conventions to nominate Livvy during the past and present and what stands out the most is both the caring and devotion that she has for the detail of issues. Knowing how Livvy cares about her constituents needs and her problem solving abilities, I ask that you make your vote count on November 4th and re-elect Livvy Floren as your State Representative for the 149th District."
- Ralph F. Loglisci

"Two years ago I endorsed Livvy Floren for the Connecticut House of Representatives because I felt strongly about her special kind of leadership, her ability to cross the aisle to get things done, and her generosity of spirit for—and genuine commitment to—the people she serves in her district. Two years later, it is again my great honor to endorse Livvy Floren for her tireless and selfless efforts on all of our behalf. No matter what the issue - providing equal access to a good education, affordable child care and affordable housing, eldercare, afterschool programs, laws that prohibit the use of pesticides on the grounds of public and private schools, health and public safety, support of numerous community organizations, protecting our environment and conserving our resources - Livvy is always there at the forefront, making sure that her constituents have these opportunities so that they can enjoy happy and fruitful lives.

As chair of Greenwich Community Gardens for the past four years, I have been fortunate to have Livvy's unwavering help, guidance and support; she is still in there with us, helping to brainstorm plans for our second community garden. Livvy Floren is a person of unquestionable integrity and possessing a huge heart, combined with years of solid experience and a mile-long track record of meaningful accomplishments. We would all be very lucky to have Livvy Floren continue to represent us for another two years, and more!"

- Patty Sechi, Registered Democrat

"Livvy Floren, Lile Gibbons and Fred Camillo played vital roles this year during the legislative session making sure the voices of Greenwich and Stamford were heard. They fought the Democrats’ largest tax increase hike in history, job-killing anti-business bills, such as mandatory sick leave, and $180 million in annual electric bill rate increases. They championed business tax credits for new hires to create private sector jobs and pushed to shut off the spigot to grow government ever larger."
- House Republican Leader and State Representative from Norwalk Lawrence F. Cafero Jr.

"Please allow me this opportunity to express my strong support for the re-election of Livvy Floren to the Connecticut State House of Representatives for the 149th district. In the Connecticut Assembly Livvy's dedication and hard work for the people of Connecticut have earned her the respect of our state’s residents, her fellow legislators on both sides of the aisle, and all who have dealt with her on the many issues she effectively champions.

Livvy has developed a strong record of achievement for our state and has been an important voice for Connecticut’s priorities. Livvy has been particularly effective in her advocacy for conservation activities in Connecticut and her stewardship of our state’s precious natural resources. In addition, Livvy has been a strong advocate for fiscal responsibility in Connecticut, which is now needed in our state more than ever.

I have had the privilege of working closely with Livvy for almost 15 years in my role as president of the Greenwich Point Conservancy, where Livvy has been an active, dedicated and committed board member since the group was founded in 2003. Livvy was instrumental in the creation of Greenwich’s state-of-the-art environmental education center at the award-winning Innis Arden Cottage, and has been a key supporter of the Conservancy's mission of preserving and restoring the historic buildings at Greenwich Point.

I am a proud supporter of Livvy Floren, and encourage my fellow residents to send Livvy to Hartford for another term."

- Chris Franco, The Greenwich Point Conservancy

"We are all justly proud of the elegant and sparkling improvements to Nathaniel Witherell, our Town's treasured 110-year old skilled nursing and short-term rehabilitation center on Parsonage Road. Project Renew has been a team effort led by our Board of Selectmen, our volunteer Board of Directors and the Town's volunteer Nathaniel Witherell Building Committee. But no one has played a more important role than Livvy Floren, our State Representative for the 149th District. Livvy has lobbied skillfully and effectively with our State's leadership, across political aisles, and with State agencies for the approvals and funding required for Project Renew. She has pointed out to us and advocated on our behalf for grants and credits under State programs which we have secured and which help to defray the cost of Project Renew. Livvy and Doug Floren serve as Honorary Co-Chairs of our Capital Campaign for Project Renew-the community fundraising effort which has significantly reduced the cost of Project Renew to Greenwich taxpayers. There is not a more passionate advocate for elder access to quality healthcare than Livvy Floren. Please vote with me in sending Livvy Floren back to Hartford. She gets the job done."
- David G. Ormsby, Chairman, Nathaniel Witherell Board of Directors

"I write to offer my support to Livvy Floren as she seeks her ninth term as Connecticut State Representative for the 149th District. For the past 16 years, Livvy has worked to solve pressing community challenges through cooperation with colleagues on both sides of the aisle through, for example, her tenure on the Committee on Aging, Finance, Revenue, and Bonding and her work to obtain Small Town Economic Assistance Program Funding in order to build up vital infrastructure.

Greenwich and Stamford are fortunate to be represented by Livvy Floren not only due to her dedication to her voting constituents but also her commitment to our youth. I had the privilege of getting to know Livvy through the American Legion Boys/Girls State Program, during which students formulate their own governments and learn about civic responsibility. She Co-chairs the Boys/Girls State Commission; she takes an active role in preparing the American Legion Post 29 representatives on how to formulate legislation and debate using parliamentary procedure. Most importantly, she has become a lifelong mentor who continues to encourage and support me throughout my endeavors.

I am proud to have the 149th District represented in the state legislature by Livvy Floren and ask that you support her on November 4th so that she can continue to represent us in Hartford."

- Alexandra Small, 2013 American Legion Auxiliary CT Girls Nation Senator and American Legion Post 29 Young Person of the Year

"I am the Chairman of the Representative Town Meeting Transportation Committee and appreciate the way Livvy Floren keeps our local officials aware of the happenings in Hartford that could impact Greenwich. She also attends many of our local homeowner association meetings to discuss legislative activities. In addition to all her governmental work, Livvy takes time to inspire the youth of our town by being involved with the American Legion Boys and Girls State program. This involves selecting several high school students to attend a weeklong summer program during which they form a mock state government and propose legislation to the group. The learning experience that the students have at this program is amazing and my daughter attended the program in 2013 and was ultimately selected to represent CT at Girls Nation in Washington, DC. I have met several people in our local government and even a relative who attended this program in other states that have since gone on to careers in law, the military, or politics. The amazing part of Livvy Floren’s involvement in this program is that she does it for virtually no recognition, as many of the students are too young to vote. Livvy does get a small round of applause each year at one of the RTM meetings when the students who attend the Boys and Girls State program are introduced but her own satisfaction in inspiring future leaders must be thanks enough for her to continue involvement in the program. All politics is local and Livvy Floren is the best of our locality. Please support her in the November election."
- Alan Small, RTM Member District 10

"Livvy has led the fight for fiscal discipline in Hartford for many years. As the state budget crisis has grown ever more dire, Livvy has consistently called for real action to rein in out-of-control spending and to stop the tax increases, the borrowing, and the reliance on federal stimulus to “fix” the problem. She knows the only way to fix the budget mess is to be honest about the need to stop spending more and more every year.."
- Jim Campbell, Greenwich, CT

"As co-chair of the education and outreach sub-committee, I would like to thank Livvy for her support at numerous events for “go greener Greenwich” and the PTAC Green Schools committee. Time and again Livvy, has proved to be a valuable resource for conservation, the environment and information regarding state legislation that might impact local initiatives."
- Nancy Chapin

"When I think of leadership I think of someone who is knowledgeable, responsible and understands the needs of the people they serve.  This individual needs to be charismatic, energetic and have an open ear, listening to each and every idea.   Such a person is Livvy Floren, our State Representative. I had the pleasure of working with her on a public private partnership to renovate The Western Civic Center.  As a resident of Greenwich she was concerned and became an active member of this organization.  It was not uncommon to see her flipping pancakes at our annual Pancake Breakfast or hosting our Wine Tasting Event at her home.  The needed funds were raised and The Bendhiem Western Civic Center continues to serve this community today.  Most recently she has been instrumental in helping a group of Greenwich residents in the concept of the Edible School Yard and community gardens, in order to help fight childhood obesity, promote conservation, and build community spirit.  It is not uncommon to read about a positive aspect happening in our community and see that Livvy Floren has had a hand in it happening.   Her common sense commitment and hands on approach, is so refreshing in today’s political climate.  Livvy loves this town, recognizes its needs and has worked hard to assure the best outcomes for the constituents she represents.  Let’s insure that the process continues by reelecting Livvy Floren on Election Day.  She is our voice in Hartford."
- Donna Gaudioso-Zeale, Greenwich RTM, District 9

"Succinctly: Livvy Floren is the best representative we have ever had. She is on the right side of the issues. She responds to requests and opinions She works hard and cares about the people she represents. She gets results. Recently she was instrumental in helping our neighborhood achieve a good result in our fight with the Aquarion Water Co. which had planned to injure our neighborhood with a huge new facility. She is everything a representative should be."
- Donald and Miriam Landsman, 149th District

"Livvy Floren has the personal skills, knowledge, and strength of character necessary to effectively challenge special interests when she believes that their stance on issues is contrary to the health and needs of our citizens. Livvy Floren has consistently acted to protect productive businesses and citizens from excessive taxation, so that they will continue to locate themselves in our state. Livvy Floren’s support of sensible fiscal policies could very well be instrumental in keeping jobs in Connecticut, in keeping tax paying businesses and individuals in our state, and in helping to maintain the value of our homes."
- Neil R. Lubarsky

"Livvy is capable, knowledgeable, and deeply committed as well as compassionate, sincere, and trustworthy. It is an honor and privilege to not only know Livvy but to have her represent my family in the 149th district. I cannot think of another person that I would rather have speaking on behalf of my family; she is our voice."
- Cathy Youngman, Junior League Member, Resident 149th District

"As someone who runs a small business, I continually strive to reduce costs and make the business more efficient - not spend wildly with borrowed money. I know that Livvy understands how important this and other issues are. That is why I want her in Hartford fighting for us. Also as event chairman for the American Legion Memorial Day commemoration, I think it is important for readers to know that Livvy has not only attended this event, but she has actively supported it behind the scenes, never once trying to leverage it for political gain. Whether in researching the names of our residents killed in action, reading those names, helping to get guest speakers, or simply providing guidance, Livvy’s true patriotism and leadership always shine through."
- Christopher J. Hughes, Commander, American Legion Post 29

"Livvy has always been approachable, friendly, and an active listener. As a State Representative from Greenwich, she has fairly represented all members of our community during her years in Hartford. Livvy has shown foresight, dedication, and love for the town of Greenwich, which is evidenced by her long history of civic involvement. I believe that Livvy is very much in touch with our community, and its needs. Livvy comes with a plethora of experience which, in my mind, is needed at this time in Government. You could not find, a better State Representative for the 149th District than Livvy Floren. That is why I whole-heartedly support her re-election."
- Karen Martin, Resident 149th District

"As a lifelong District 9 resident, I have personally called upon her assistance and valuable, trusted guidance time and time again regarding Glenville School and other issues pertinent to Glenville and Pemberwick. Livvy has always been extremely responsive and leaves no stone unturned until there is resolution to an issue. If she doesn't know the answer herself, she knows the name, number and email address of the individual who does – off the top of her head and at 6am! Go ahead and try her. If there was an entry in an encyclopedia for "How can I help you?" you would see a picture of Livvy Floren."
- Sue Rogers, Resident 149th District

"As a legislator, Livvy has always supported local control of education and fought against unfunded mandates. She supported the final education reform legislation—the consensus bill crafted by the executive and legislative branches of the state government. She has voted to finance early childhood education and reading readiness. She feels that the best initiative is universal early childhood education and early literacy, which have worked well in Stamford. She advocated protecting children’s health by eliminating pesticide use in schools. Livvy has also supported a more equitable education cost sharing for Greenwich and Stamford. She appreciates the value of vocational-technical opportunities, especially important for Wright-Tech School.

Livvy advocates for our children’s educational rights not from a standpoint of opinion, but from experience. She has served on countless school boards, as her children went through school. Most noteworthy include: Board President at Round Hill Nursery School; PTA President at Greenwich High School; Board President at Greenwich Country Day School; advisory board member at Bridges School. Although her children have grown, she continues to remain actively involved in our local schools. Currently she is working to obtain additional private funding for MISA and to facilitate State cooperation with Superintendent McKersie as he addresses the racial balance challenge.

Where ever and when ever there is an educational need, I can count on Livvy to pursue a solution and to deliver. I cannot endorse a finer person fighting for the educational rights of the children and families and for fiscal responsibility at every level."

- Leigh Retzler, Resident 149th District

"If there is one bright spot in this election year it is that Livvy Floren is seeking re-election to the Connecticut House of Representatives. Livvy is a dedicated and hard working individual on both local and state levels and has brought more than 1200 new jobs to Greenwich and Stamford.

She has reduced earmarks and the state bonding debt by 480 million dollars. She has protected children by eliminating the use of pesticides at schools. She has preserved 110,000 acres of reservoir land for open space. She is working to retain programs for the elderly.

This year make your vote count. Vote to return Livvy Floren to the Connecticut House of Representatives."

- Frank and Grace Novak, Residents 149th District

"During my tenure as Chair of the BOE, Livvy played a key role in getting the state funding and approvals for our school construction projects. She recognized the need to provide our students with a modern, energy- efficient learning environment and worked tirelessly at the state and local levels to help us achieve this goal.

Despite the many demands on her time, Livvy has also graciously stepped up to personal leadership roles in community projects. One of the most important of these is the music instructional space and new auditorium project (MISA) at Greenwich High. Livvy is serving as co-chair of the Campaign for MISA, which aims to raise private money to reduce MISA’s cost for the Town. So far, the Campaign has received pledges of $1.2 million.

Livvy has boundless energy and enthusiasm; I’ve never known of anyone who has asked Livvy for help who has been turned down. Please reelect Livvy Floren as our State Representative so she can continue to serve our Town with the same passion and commitment she has shown for the past 12 years."

- Nancy Weissler, Greenwich

"This election is about many of the same issues both on the federal and state level. At the top of everyone’s wish list are jobs, the economy, the environment, seniors and healthcare.

Livvy Floren is a seasoned state legislator who has brought more than 1,200 new jobs to Greenwich and Stamford, is a conservative looking to save you and the state money, respects our environment by preserving 110,000 acres of reservoir land as open space and is an advocate for both seniors and young people. Livvy is always available to her constituents, open to their needs and ready to help; making her the right kind of legislator we need in Hartford."

- Carol Zarrilli, Greenwich