"When constituents in northern Greenwich and Stamford communicate with us about Livvy Floren, the two most often mentioned topics are how hard she works for them and how much she cares about them."
- Greenwich Time


Livvy R. Floren


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It is an honor and a privilege to serve all the people in the 149th District of Greenwich and Stamford, and your ongoing loyalty and encouragement mean the world to me as I seek re-election for a ninth term as State Representative for the grand and glorious 149th District of Greenwich and Stamford.

As I seek re-election, my goals remain the same: To serve my constituents in Greenwich and Stamford with reasoned, reliable results. My concerns are yours - low and predictable taxes, fiscal accountability, preservation of open space, excellent education opportunities, protection of the environment, improved transportation, and the elimination of unfunded and costly mandates upon municipalities.

As your State Representative, I can say that each year gets more meaningful and more rewarding. I have the opportunity to work with interesting and diverse colleagues on both sides of the aisle, to forge alliances based upon issues that matter, to tackle challenges that profoundly affect people's lives, and to learn something new and different each and every day. It's a wonderful job, and you have to count your lucky starts when you have it. Trust me, I've been counting!

May I have your continued support and your vote on November 6th?

Thank you.

Livvy 005