"I believe that taxes should be as low as possible, consistent with the needs they are funding, and they must be fair. "
- Livvy Floren

Fighting Tax Increases

April 02, 2009
Representative Floren makes comments in the Finance Committee on proposed Democratic tax increases.

"There are eight counties in Connecticut, and Fairfield County residents are already paying nearly 50% of the personal income tax collected in the state; and I'm afraid that Fairfield County has long been viewed as the golden goose. Well in this economy, that goose might be cooked. It is at least singed. Connecticut personal income tax payments are 22% lower than last year; our corporate revenue is down 30%; and sales tax collections are down 4%. Now I truly believe that Fairfield County residents are always going to be willing to pay thier fair share. But I think we have to realize that they have been as adversely affected, maybe even more so, in this economy than others in this state. So many of our residents have their livelyhood tied to Wall Street, and anybody that's been watching any news outlet in the world sees how volatile that has been. So I just hope that we will take that into consideration going forward."

- Livvy Floren

April 06, 2010
Livvy Floren talks about her opposition to tax increases that will hurt her district in southern Connecticut.

"My district is really being impacted twice. First by these changes in the estate tax; which come too little, too late; too much, too late - and they're not predictable, and they're never ever going to make people stay in my district, or in Connecticut given this situation. Secondly, the hospital tax. It's so unfair to our local hospital. Especially because hospitals in the surrounding area have been closing, and our hospital has picked up the slack. Our emergency room is the busiest, I believe in the state. We've picked up more and more patients that cannot pay. An yet, we're being penalized basically for where we sit in the state, on the gold coast. So, for those reasons, I'll be opposing it."

- Livvy Floren